Moving from the U.S. to Japan
(your current Pediatrician is a Japanese speaker)

(The vaccine record will be shown in the order of each country’s vaccine system)
  1.  1. Obtain the child’s immunization records from the child’s pediatrician in the U.S.
  2.  2. Translate the records from Japanese to English, using this website.
  3.  3. After making sure there are no errors, print it out.
  4.  4. Bring the print-out record to your Pediatrician and obtain his/her sign
  5.  5. Upon arriving in Japan, find a Pediatric practice, and obtain an appointment for an initial visit.
  6.  6. Provide the translated immunization records with sign to the pediatrician at the time of the child’s first visit.
  7.  7. The child’s immunization records will be entered into the “Boshi-techo” (Japanese record book of Mother-Child Health) .

This completes the transfer of immunization records. Any missing immunizations and /or additional immunizations required in Japan will be added to the child’s future immunization schedule.