Moving from Japan to the U.S.

Below is a guideline to use when moving from Japan to the U.S. Obtain records of the immunizations the child has received in Japan, and translate them into English using this website. Upon arriving in the U.S., take the translated immunization record to the child’s first Pediatric visit. You may need to submit the immunization records to the school the child will be attending. By obtaining a pediatrician’s signature on your child’s translated immunization record printed out from this website, it should be regarded as an official documentation. The directions are as follows:

  1.  1. Obtain the child’s immunization records from the child’s pediatrician in Japanese
    (Check to see that the immunization records on the “Boshi-techou” are accurate.)
  2.  2. Translate the records from Japanese to English, using this website.
  3.  3. After making sure there are no errors, print it out.
  4.  4. Have the child’s pediatrician in Japan confirm that the records are accurate, then obtain their signature on the form
  5.  5. Upon arriving in the U.S., find a Pediatric practice, and obtain an appointment for an initial visit.
  6.  6. Provide the translated immunization records to the pediatrician at the time of the child’s first visit.
  7.  7. The child’s immunization records will be entered into the computer at the Pediatrician’s office. If the State of residence has a specific immunization record card, the immunizations will be recorded on the card.

This completes the transfer of immunization records. Any missing immunizations and /or additional immunizations required in the U.S. will be added to the child’s future immunization schedule.