This website was established to provide support in translating child immunization records for families moving between Japan and the U.S.

Using my experience as a Japan-trained pediatrician now practicing in the U.S., I established this website in the hopes that it would be of use to families moving between the two countries.

Children in the U.S. receive more vaccines than children in Japan. The administration of these vaccines spans many years and is complex. The immunization schedule is established jointly by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Children generally receive immunizations at their pediatric well-child visits according to this standardized immunization schedule.


U.S. schools may ask to have the child”s immunization records filled out in a specific form. In this case, please follow their directions. Many schools in the U.S. have a school nurse on site. At some schools, the school nurse may review the child”s official immunization record, and administer any required vaccines that are missing from the record.

Some pediatric offices will have immunization forms on site which follow the regulations of that particular state. You can ask for the form on the day of the visit. Your child”s immunizations will be recorded on the form, and the pediatrician will sign it. You can then submit the documentation to the school.

In the U.S., each state determines the minimum requirements for child immunizations, and fulfillment of these requirements is usually mandatory in order to attend secondary school. Parents have the right to determine whether their child receives certain vaccinations. Exceptions to the requirements may be made on the basis of religious beliefs, however this is rare. I would recommend to avoid this situation as much as possible.

Vaccines that are currently administered in the U.S. are starting to be approved for use in Japan. Vaccinations currently not in use in Japan may in the near future become commonly administered in Japan. Instead of seeing the U.S. vaccinations as “extra vaccines the child needs to have in order to attend U.S. schools”, it may be better to see it as “the child receiving vaccines that will in the near future become common in Japan as well”.

Exemption Clause

In using the Immunization Record printed using this website as an official document, please: 1. Have the physician review the accuracy of the record and 2. Obtain their signature on the form. Remember to also record the date of signature. The physician whose signature is on the form will be responsible for the accuracy of the record. In cases where the record printed from this website is to be used without a physician signature, the parents will assume any responsibility for the documented records. The website is not responsible for any damages, losses, or accidents that occur as a result of using documentation printed from this website.

Written by Akihiro Asai